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How WMLS Has Risen to Be the Leader in Local Moving Companies in Everett:

You may have recently heard the buzz about Washington Moving Labor Services and wondered just what it is that they do. If a friend or family member has mentioned WMLS in their talk about a recent moving experience, you might be curious as to exactly what they can offer for your own upcoming move. While WMLS is different from all other local moving services, it’s no mystery what they do; their company is dedicated to the most difficult part of a move: loading and unloading. And they’re able to do it at the lowest price you’ll find in the region. Here’s how:

WMLS trains their employees to be the very best at what they do, and they pay them well to do it. That means the workers that arrive for your move are happy with their jobs and willing to work hard to ensure your satisfaction with their service. As a company that shares their profits with employees, they are more committed to the client experience. You can count on WMLS to arrive on time and ready to get your belongings safely and efficiently loaded or unloaded to keep you on schedule.

If you’ve ever experienced a high-stress move you can certainly appreciate the value of a service designed to do the heavy lifting while you manage other details regarding your move. That’s where Washington Moving Labor Services comes in. There is no shortage of local moving companies in Everett, but call around and you’ll find that most are unwilling to provide you with just the services you want and none of the ones that you don’t. WMLS is able to offer a 2 hour minimum of labor service, so you won’t have to commit to a full day or even a half day of labor from their experts. Schedule a 2-hour session and if you happen to need labor for longer than you counted on, you can hire WMLS at 15- minute intervals.

Other local moving companies in Everett simply cannot match the dedication you’ll find from WMLS because no other company cares as much about your move. As a company that is invested in your total satisfaction from start to finish, WMLS will come alongside of you during moving day and manage as much or as little of the labor as you require. Move the smaller and lighter items yourself before WMLS arrives and leave the heavy, bulky, and difficult items for their laborers- that’s what they’re there for.

Get a quote for your upcoming move by calling 360-631-3657 or click on the blue ‘Get a Quote’ button on the website to find out just how affordable dedicated labor can be. Clients love not having to pay for service until after the work is completed and they are 100% satisfied. There is no deposit free required, and if you have to reschedule due to circumstances out of your control, there is no fee to do so. Call now- you’ll be glad you did!

Local Moving Companies Everett
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